Get ready for delays or extremes in communications, commerce, travel as Mercury retrogrades…

In mid-October, a time to revise our psychological understanding of professional commitments, future plans, operationsTo Stick to the facts! Investigate options, and research possibilities. Do we need to let go of high expectations, emotional attachements, or endured obligations of service.  Or will we need to approach others for support, relationship, merger or aquistion?

Hear of additional opportunities or ‘shifts-of-focus’ instore as Diane reviews the benefits of Mercury in our sky…

Find out how, when and where Mercury may be influencing YOUR life, based on your sun sign.

This 90 minute webinar was presented through The Lake County Astrological Association, L.C.A.A.
on Monday, October 12th, 2020  7:00 – 8:30 pm. Recordings are available. Please go to
if interested in purchasing the webinar.
Price: $15.00