Diane Trimbath

Diane Trimbath

Astrologer C.A., NCGR-PAA
Astrologer, Lecturer, Teacher, Graphic Design Professional

Diane holds a Level IV Certification through the National Council for Geocosmic
Research (NCGR) and is a practicing Astrologer in Cleveland, OH.

Diane has been teaching ‘An Astrological Look Ahead Monthly Series’ locally in Cleveland Ohio, since 2017. As of 2020, she is offering the series internationally, as an on-line Instructor at the IAA International Academy of Astrology On-line College.

She also virtually teaches two online webinar series, Planetary Highlights, offered through the Lake County Astrological Association, and Star Notes, offered through J&J Productions / Chakras Root to Crown. Both offer her insights and deeper study into key planetary events of the time, and how these transits relate to each of us on a personal level.

Diane has been an invited speaker for Lake County Astrological Association (LCAA), Great Lakes Astrology Conference (GLAC), NCGR, and The Astrology Gathering (TAG) astrological events.

She is Secretary of the Lake County Astrological Association, LCAA Board (Willoughby Hills, OH) and a practitioner at The Healing Choice Wellness Center (Wickliffe, OH).

Diane also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Kent State University, is the founder and Creative Director of her Marketing Communications Firm in Cleveland, Ohio since 1989, and an Alumni of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program.

Although owning a successful Graphic Design and Business Communications firm for over 30 years, Metaphysical and Astrological studies remain her passion.

216-401-9601 • www.dematrix.net • diane@dematrix.net

Diane has studied the mechanisms of the metaphysical universe we live in for over 25 years under many gifted teachers. Her focus centers on Metaphysical and Astrological Practices, Spiritual Principles, Ancient Civilizations and Teachings, Graphic Symbolism, Ley Lines, plus Kriya and Hatha Yoga Practice.

Degrees and Certifications:

  • BFA in Graphic Design from Kent State University (1985)
  • 12 years of Independent Study of Astrology, Metaphysical Practices, Spiritual Principles and Ancient Teachings through The CHEMAM Metaphysical Center, Richmond Heights, OH (1996-2008). For the purpose of broadening the possibilities of thought through philosophy.
  • 12 years of Hatha Yoga Practice with George F. Kroto (1998 – 2010)
  • 7 years of Kriya Yoga Practice with Elizabeth Holman (Swami Aliyananda Paramahansa) & Rae Ellen Sievert (2003 – 2010).  Deep breathing techniques and meditation for the purpose of activating individual heart consciousness.
  • 4 years of Independent Study of Modern and Traditional Astrological Disciplines (2008 –2012) Studied under: Julene Packer-Louis, Dipl.OC.A., IAR-C.A.P., CEO, Instructor of IAA: International Academy of Astrology.
  • Astrologer, C.A., NCGR-PAA – Level IV Certification:  2017 through the National Council for Geocosmic Research.

Member of:

  • CHEMAM (Center for Holistic Energy Management and Applied Metapsychology), Richmond Hts, OH
  • IAA (International Academy of Astrology), Westlake, OH
  • LCAA (Lake County Astrological Society), Willoughby Hills, Ohio
  • NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research) Professional Astrologers’ Alliance

TRAVEL: Spiritual Pilgrimages

  • Egypt 2010: Ancient Oracle Tours, Lead by Professional Astrologers: Demetra George, M.A. and Dennis M Harness Ph.D.
  • India, 2005: Kriya Yoga Meditation and Retreat Direct Study with Maha Avatar Babaji, in His Ashram in Nainital, India. Also with International Master of Kriya Yoga and Appointed Disciple of Babaji: Elizabeth Holman (Swami Aliyananda Paramahansa)
  • Cornwall, England 2004: Kriya Yoga Meditation and Retreat Initiation of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Breathing Techniques and World Peace Mission with Teacher: Elizabeth Holman