An Astrological Overview of 2020, followed by a detailed look at each month – covering the significant
astrological events as they unfolded throughout the year.

In 2020, get ready to “ride the wave’’ for many of us will be restructuring
our lives and making permanent changes. We may be letting go of a ‘reality’ that has
been stable or comfortable, yet emotionally limiting or overly dependent upon other’s
resources. It will be a year bringing in great changes, becoming more aware of family
and community initiatives, expressing new ‘soulful’ talents that have been latent, and
applying discipline and hard work from past contracts/relations/funds. Trust your
intuitive guidance and self-reliance for mastery in 2020. Integrity can finally pay off!

Hear of new opportunities or ‘shifts-of-focus’ in store for all as Diane reviews the
energies coming in from our sky throughout the year … Find out ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ these
changes may have been influencing YOUR life (based on your sun sign).”

Recordings of each 120+ minute lecture covering an astrological overview of the year, or
each month within the year – plus interpretations on how key events may have unfolded for
each sun sign are available through IAA INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF ASTROLOGY
Online College. Please go to to purchase link for 2020 Overview.
Price: $15.00

Links for the 2020 A Look At The Month Series
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