LCAA is starting a new series of online gatherings to offer insights into
significant planetary events that get activated each month.
This series will be presented by Diane Trimbath, Astrologer C.A., NCGR-PAA,
and generally offered on the first Monday of each month, but may vary due to holidays.

What happens in our sky above, is ultimately the unconscious drum beat
we are all influenced by in our daily lives.
We may not realize it, but the world stage as well as our personal stage is set in motion
by mechanical movements of the cosmos. The language of stars!
The planets, dwarf planets, eclipses, cycles, timing and rhythm set up the storyline…
as the consonants combined with vowels form syllables and create language with the breath.

The stage may be ‘dressed’ and ready for the show…however how we handle, plan, prepare
and ‘deliver’ our role is of our own ‘conscious’ making.

We all hold the key to ‘our performance’ on that stage.
Sometimes it gives us an advantage to look ahead and see what is coming.
Tick Tock!

1st Lecture in the New Series:
A Look at the Upcoming Retrograde Season
“This summer will be a time to stop and focus inside.
It will not be the time to grow in NEW directions, but to expand upon and use the knowledge
and resources we already have.
Find out about retrogrades, what planets will be retrograding, for how long, what this means for
all of us, and for YOU, based on your sun sign.”

This 90 minute webinar was presented through The Lake County Astrological Association, L.C.A.A.
on Monday, May 4th, 2020  7:00 – 8:30 pm. Recordings are available. Please go to
if interested in purchasing the webinar.
Price: $15.00