Working The New Paradigm Into Your Life.

An Astrological Overview of 2021, followed by a detailed look at each month – covering the significant
astrological events as they unfolded throughout the year.

2021 is the time to break free from ‘thoughts’ of our obligations – to rewrite the script.

… declaring new laws, agreements for lifestyle changes … eliminating or revising 
our attachment  to ‘broken’ relations and cloudy thinking.
It is the time we begin to live OUR SCRIPT – a pure, healthy respect toward listening to 
our inner authority – creating a fresh future for ourselves, our family/loved ones, and our society
that is inline with what is real and true to OUR HEART.
2021 will begin a time of great social transition within our society and our world – a serious mindset to stabilize advancements
In intellectual securities and enforcing controls on scientific discoveries… Silicone vs human limitations… 
or not if we can surpass them. We will begin to grow beyond set structures of materialism that have been
In place for the last 200 years. 
Learn how you ‘fit’ in with all of this. Hear of new opportunities or ‘shifts-of-focus’ in store for all as Diane reviews the
energies coming in from our sky throughout the year … Find out ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ these
changes may have been influencing YOUR life (based on your sun sign).”

Recordings of each 120+ minute lecture covering an astrological overview of the year, or
each month within the year – plus interpretations on how key events may have unfolded for
each sun sign are available through IAA INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF ASTROLOGY
Online College. Please go to to purchase link for 2021 Overview.
Price: $25.00

Links for the 2021 A Look At The Month Series

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