Great For Planning Ahead all
Year with Astrological Insight
and/or a Great Gift for your
Metaphysical Friends.

A complete astrological overview
of 2023 at a glance,
highlighting significant alignments,
retrogrades, eclipses and more.
Also includes general descriptions of
what you might expect from
significant events, plus key dates and
degrees to watch all year.

The backside includes 2023 planetary motions,
phases of the moon and eclipses, plus
descriptive overviews of signs of the zodiac,
planets and more!

Laminated 17” x 11” Calendar is a great
reference tool for learning step-by-step
what the year overall has in-store.
A handy guide for readings, and planning
or scheduling important events all year.

Order your calendar today!
Price: $30.00
Includes free delivery via Staples or a local print
center of your choice (If applicable).