I have had the privilege of working with Diane during the decade I have been in the Cleveland, Ohio area. She offered a monthly presentation at the IAA-Cleveland Center until it was dissolved in 2020. During that time, her knowledge and wisdom continuously amazed me. Thoroughness was paramount in her preparation, and contemplative reflection was obvious in her interpretation. When I closed the doors of the local Center, I couldn’t let Diane’s monthly presentations die with it. I asked her to continue her “ A Look at the Month Ahead” at IAA’s Main Campus. I was pleased when it became an instant hit! 
I have been active in the astrological community for 40 years, and it’s my opinion that Diane is a Class-A astrologer with a bright future.
Ena Stanley, C.A.P-ISAR./CA-NCGR

President, International Academy of Astrology (IAA)

Diane is a true Master Astrologist that includes heightened intuitive skills for reading and interpreting the astrological charts. Diane has been providing me with personal astrological readings for a few years now which have become my life path manual for my personal, professional and spiritual life. The accuracy of her astrology readings provide me with vital information regarding my past and where I have come from to the present and how to proceed into the future. Diane is a true alchemist at providing me with the transformational insights and tools I need to guide me through each phase and stage of my life. I truly owe so much of my personal, professional and spiritual success and happiness to Diane’s astrology readings.

Thank you, Diane!

Mary Jane Brigger

Founder of The Ageless Wise Woman, The Ageless Wise Woman

I have had the pleasure of working with Diane in both a professional and personal capacity. Working together for five years Diane performed group astrology readings as well as gave private client sessions. In both applications Diane always showed up as one of the most proficient and prepared practitioners. She came into every session or workshop with so much information and detail you will wish you had five hands to take notes with. Diane’s readings are always spot on and very helpful to organize important dates and activities around, and her group workshops review changing astrology in a way that even the lay person can understand. I refer Diane’s services to all of my clients and highly recommend her for any personal or professional needs you may have.

Jenessee Roy

Founder of Chakras Root to Crown and J&J Productions, Author, Reader, Artist, Intuitive, Chakras Root to Crown

“I first met Diane at Lake County Astrological Association a number of years ago. As Vice President, I enjoyed meeting and greeting all members. One of the things that stood out about Diane was that she always greeted everyone with a smile. She would listen intently and take notes at our monthly lectures over the years, from many of the best Astrologers LCAA brought in from local, national and international Speakers.

I discovered she was taking classes, as she went on to complete her NCGR Level 4 Certification.  Diane has grown to become a Lecturer and Keynote Speaker for LCAA and is now speaking at conferences around the country. She is also offering 2 monthly lecture series, “A Look at the Month Ahead” and “Planetary Highlights” to our community.

In January of 2018, I became President of LCAA and needed to build a new Board Member team. As the owner of a graphic design business for 30 years, Diane was on my must have list.  I told her, “I’m building a board of educated astrologers to grow and modernize LCAA, and I wanted her to be part of it… I couldn’t do it without her”. She joined our Board as the LCAA Secretary, and much more!

Not only has Diane become a great friend, she has become a great astrologer over the years. She is now one of my favorite astrologers.

Robert Dickow

LCAA President, Lake County Astrological Association


The Year Ahead Calendar !

Rated 5 out of 5
August 3, 2021

Hi Diane,
I just received “the Year Ahead Calendar”!!!!!!!
Such a well-detailed and descriptive analysis of the Astrological transits for 2021.
Uncork a nice bottle of wine and savor a well-deserved accomplishment.
You “rocked it”!!!!
My friend, who was the recipient of my Chirstmas gift (your 2021 calendar), brought the calendar to a New Year’s brunch yesterday and her friends were quite impressed, why wouldn’t they be!!!!
You should be receiving an order for your calendar from one of them soon.
So glad that I found you in the Spring (through NCGR) and you have been an inspiration in renewing my passion for Astrology as well as the LCAA group.
Much thanks and warm wishes,
Robert Giarratano
Nanuet, New York

Robert Giarratano

Thank you for my reading...

Rated 5 out of 5
April 13, 2021

Thank you for my reading and the recording. That was one of the best readings I’ve ever received. Hands down! I’ll definitely be back for another one. Thank you for all the insight on my upcoming year as well as my life in general. It made me think about how I can improve my life going forward and what steps I need to take to accomplish that goal. Can’t thank you enough Diane!
Laura Brahler
Streetsboro, Ohio

Laura Brahler

Fantastic Job !

Rated 5 out of 5
July 3, 2020

Wanted to thank and compliment you on the fantastic job you did with the information and graphics on “A Look At The Year Ahead, 2021 Calendar”. I have never seen anything so clear and concise. I’m finding it to be a great personal and professional tool. Always enjoy your Zoom presentations. Hope to get up to Ohio one of these days and meet everyone that I’ve been zooming with when we return to normal. In the mean time, thank you for all that you and the club are doing on Zoom.

Peace, joy and love in the New Year.
Kelly Lowe, Astrological Counselor,
Motivational Speaker & Author
Ormond Beach , Florida
Jan 1, 2021

Kelly Lowe - Astrological Counselor

Chart Reading

Rated 5 out of 5
February 11, 2020

Thank you so much Diane!! I am so grateful for you and the opportunity to have my chart read again!! I feel like this reading was completely in alignment with what I’ve been feeling and experiencing recently and for a good part of my life!! You are SO good!! Thank you again.
Love and continued Health to you and John (and your beautiful Family
Lynn D. Jereb
Executive Life, Leadership + Wellness Coach
Certified, Georgetown University
Institute for Transformational Leadership
Washington, DC

Lynn D. Jereb