I have had the privilege of working with Diane during the decade I have been in the Cleveland, Ohio area. She offered a monthly presentation at the IAA-Cleveland Center until it was dissolved in 2020. During that time, her knowledge and wisdom continuously amazed me. Thoroughness was paramount in her preparation, and contemplative reflection was obvious in her interpretation. When I closed the doors of the local Center, I couldn’t let Diane’s monthly presentations die with it. I asked her to continue her “ A Look at the Month Ahead” at IAA’s Main Campus. I was pleased when it became an instant hit! 
I have been active in the astrological community for 40 years, and it’s my opinion that Diane is a Class-A astrologer with a bright future.
Ena Stanley, C.A.P-ISAR./CA-NCGR

President, International Academy of Astrology (IAA)