Personal Astrological Consultations

Diane Offers Personal Astrological Consultations.

Your Name, Date, Place and Exact Time of Birth are required for all chart readings. The current residential location (City, State) is also required. Information is due 24 hours in advance of scheduled appointment.

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Natal Chart Readings

Astrology 101. This is the fundamental appointment to make, to initiate yourself into the world of Astrology.

Natal Charts focus on YOU. Your birth chart unveils your potential, talents, career opportunities, challenges to overcome, your soul’s purpose for being here, life path, and opportunities for growth throughout your life journey. This will be a detailed one-hour session. We will go over everything that makes you uniquely you. This chart works off the astrological alignments when you were born and gives a complete assessment of ones innate personality traits.

Solar Return and Life Progressions

Once you’ve had your natal chart reading, we begin to look at the cycles at work within your life, and how your current life experiences tie into your overall life path. An annual update is recommended (around you birthday is best) to keep you aware of where you’re at on your journey! This will be a detailed one-hour session.

The Solar Return reading offers you an understanding of what may lie ahead in your life for the year! Starting at your birthday, each year we are given a new ‘area of life’ to focus on; i.e. our ‘project to address and complete’ within a 1-year cycle. This 1-year cycle has a wealth of information to offer, and will help you to plan ahead; to give you insight into what matters have your attention or challenge you this year, and where you likely are to receive the greatest change for the year.

The Life Progression reading allows us to take a look at the many cycles at work within your life at this time. We will look at the current planetary transits, which will define current issues that are going on in your life. The chart will offer insight and clarity as to how these issues may be strengthened, tested or resolved, which will help in making decisions in your life. Timing of events or ‘triggers’ for possible opportunities to come in, can be revealed.

We also look at the bigger picture and the larger cycles that are playing out in your life. Life changes, transitions and patterns, recurring themes, soul growth and development, and timing for overall life planning, can be identified and understood.

We can focus on one of the above readings or a brief blending of the two, based upon time allowed.

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Compatibility Readings

Compatibility Readings can help you to better understand yourself – as well as the people who are in your life – in relationship. The information provided through the charts may ease your mind, bring awareness to potential conflict or challenges to work through, or ultimately give you clarity to help you make life decisions. In this 2-hour session we can compare the charts of two or more individuals and/or events (only when permission is given), looking for understanding and clarification on potential compatibility:

To see: 

  • What each person’s relationship needs are
  • What their romantic, passion, and nurturance needs are
  • What oppositions or frustrations to expect between them and what issues may come into play
  • How they may love, support, bring awareness to or block each other in each other’s lives Or we can look at the relationship as an entity of its own (symbolically)
  • To apply transits to it or progress it (for timing and relationship development)
  • To look for very strong relationship themes that show up
  • The most important energy patterns between you

We can focus on one of the above reading styles or a brief blending of the two, based upon time allowed.

Diane in Ancient Delos, Greece – July, 2017

Electional Astrology/Research

We all go through important periods in our lives when we are required to make major commitments or decisions. For major undertakings, it is wise to consider ‘planning its birth’ through the judicious use of Electional Astrology. With the intention of having the ‘event’ work out with the best result possible (dealing with the limitations of the time frame and planetary energies provided), it certainly helps to start out by avoiding unseen ‘delays’, ‘pitfalls’, and ‘miscommunication.’

By planning the ‘birth of your event’ around the energy and language of the stars, it becomes apparent that certain moments in time are more auspicious than others. Any event that we exercise authority over would be viable. For example: changing jobs or starting a business, choosing a time for surgery, tying the knot – optimum marriage dates, buying or selling property, making a major purchase, moving to a new location, etc.

We use Electional astrology to time the beginning of an action to which we are already committed. It is tactical astrology and the chart is ‘birthed’ at the point when you can no longer change your mind. I.e.: ‘at the time the vows are said, at the point the plane takes off, etc.’ We’ve figured out what we are going to do. We just want to know when to make the move to bring the most “luck” to bear upon the situation.

These readings usually require upfront preparation, as well as, time to read and review them with you. This will take a minimum of two hours upfront to research (off-site), depending upon the complexity of the event. Then I would schedule a 1(+) hour session to finalize and review the information with you.



Your Name, Date, Place, Exact Time of Birth, as well as, event time frame and details are required in advance.